Church Seminars

I enjoy helping churches learn more about the ethical teachings of Jesus and the ethical example he set by the way he lived.

As a lawyer I am more interested in Jesus’ approach to law and ethics. I leave the theology for the ministers and priests.

Jesus was famous furst as a prophet and the “great physician.” Prophets of old talked less about correct theology than about just and ethical behavior.

So I focus in part on what Jesus had to say about the right treatment of animals. This relates to what he ate.

There is a mountain of evidence from Eusebius and other church historians that Jesus and the Jerusalem Christians were part of the Essene tradition and lived to advanced ages. Tradition says the devout among them ate a strictly vegetarian diet and that the diet they ate is what that made them live such long lives.

Jesus was also famous as a healer. He is called “the great physician.” Maybe he healed no only in miraculous ways but by teaching people a healing diet. Those who want to follow Jesus, should want to know more about what he ate.

I will not only teach you what the Jerusalem Christians ate. My wife and I – assisted by my inlaws – will do a cooking demonstration in your church kitchen, followed by a sumptuous vegan feast.

I also talk about veganic gardening, making the transition to a healthy diet, healthy cooking techniques, and vegan recipes.

I am available to fill empty pulpits when ministers are away on vacation. I am available to do evening presentations or all day Saturday presentations, talking first about how to cook the “Jesus Diet” and then doing a demonstration, ending in a banquet.

Listen to my version of the Lord’s Prayer. I added one line because – I hypothesize – one was omitted by the editors. Here is the link:

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