School Fundraisers

I love schools. I want to help schools. I love doing fundraisers for schools, especially for grade schools, especially for middle school and high school music programs.

I see kids on street corners waving posters to get me to stop and get my car washed. They are raising money so their band or some other group can go to an event somewhere. I see Girl Scouts peddling Girl Scout cookies.

And I think: How inefficient! There has to be a better way.

And this is it. Schedule me and my friends for a Saturday  in your school or for several Monday evenings over a period of weeks. We would teach 45-minute seminars on various subjects. Some seminars would be free. Some would cost $5. Some would cost $30.

The students and will sell tickets. I – plus my wife, my friends, and my fellow professionals – will put on presentations.

Here are some of the programs we could put on:

A law class on how to stop hitting and bullying. The method is to expect and demand justice, to become lawyers for each other. To appeal to higher and higher levels of authority until something is done. To file suit if necessary. Not to stop until hitting and bullying stop. Not to stop until fighting words and words that provoke suicides stop. To expel students who will not stop. There would be no charge for this class.

How to cook really healthy, tasty food for yourself and your parents. Food that will help prevent cancer. Food that will help you control your weight, to keep the weight off if that is what you want, to add muscle if you are an athlete. Food that is good for the environment and not hurtful to animals. This seminar would cost $1 for students. $10 for everyone else.

A cooking observation in the school cafeteria, a sumptuous dinner to follow. $5 for students and children. $15 for adults.

The music basics. How to be a solid musician. An emphasis on fundamentals: keeping the beat, accurate intonation, how parents can be effective music coaches for their children. $1 for students and children. $15 for adults. $25 for a couple interested in helping their children learn music.

Music intermediate concepts. Dynamic range (from soft to loud). Chord structure. Scales. Reading music. $1 for students and children. 15 for adults. $20 for an adult couple.

The truth about the fluoride-lead-arsenic added to your drinking water: It is toxic waste from fertilizer factories. It is illegal to dump it anywhere except in your water. Done with Dr. Bill Osmunson.  How to get clean water. What kind of filtration works.

I like to do fluoride seminars. My goal is to help water districts establish an action plan, to help those which are fluoridated to stop it, and to help those which are not fluoridated to defeat the well-financed chemical industry funded campaigns to fluoridate them.

In the fluoride seminar I will help groups use the sample documents I have generated and posted on my web site. I will teach you how to get personal injury or environmental lawyers to join our effort. We want them to work pro bono in the pre litigation stage. Threatening to litigation might be enough to get a water district to change its fluoridation position. Litigation may be necessary. If it is, we want to raise money to pay the attorneys who will do the lawsuits. It is possible to recover attorney fees and damages in some cases.$1 for students. $5 for adults.

Mortgage modification and bankruptcy law: How to qualify for the 2% rate for five years. When can bankruptcy help? $30.

How to buy and sell real estate without getting a new loan: Wrap-around deeds of trust and lease option deals. $1 for students. $30 for others. $45 for a couple.

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