I like doing fund raisers and making keynote fundraising speeches for non-profit groups.

The ideal venue for a presentation is a school, college, or church which has kitchen facilities. Emelyn and I can hold cooking classes and enlist the attendees as helpers. Then we can sit down together and dine.

I can speak on many topics. The day would be broken down into various 45-minute seminars. The non-profit and I could charge for some of them and do others for free.

I like to do fluoride seminars. My goal is to help water districts establish an action plan, to help those which are fluoridated to stop it, and to help those which are not fluoridated to defeat the well-financed chemical industry funded campaigns to fluoridate them.

In the fluoride seminar I will help groups use the sample documents I have generated and posted on my web site. I will teach you how to get personal injury or environmental lawyers to join our effort. We want them to work pro bono in the pre litigation stage. Threatening to litigation might be enough to get a water district to change its fluoridation position. Litigation may be necessary. If it is, we want to raise money to pay the attorneys who will do the lawsuits. It is possible to recover attorney fees and damages in some cases.

Also I can do music classes.

My wife and I put on vegan cooking seminars. You know, the “Jesus Diet” thing. We can talk about veganic gardening, making the transition to a healthy diet, healthy cooking techniques, and vegan recipes.

I will also sell my books at the seminar.

I also do seminars on bankruptcy and mortgage modification and wrap-around deed of trust and lease-option sales.

This would be an all day Saturday or Sunday church basement fundraiser, ending in a banquet of food that the students have cooked.

Some of the classes would be free. For others we should charge a fee.

The church or non-profit group would advertise the seminars. They could sell me as the featured attraction. I would make fundraising appeals throughout the day. We might also invite some local speakers to join in.

Your group or the church would split the revenues with me in some fair way.

Such a plan is consistent with my long-term ambitions to make my living as a paid keynote and fundraising public speaker.

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