Chapter 7 – Greek Legend & Link to Golden Era

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7 GREEK AND PERSIAN LEGEND AND THE LINK BACK TO THE GOLDEN ERA THE DELPHIC ORACLE Delphi lies to the north and west of the Corinthian Isthmus of Greece. The Oracle of Delphi, originally the Oracle of Pythia, is at least as old as the Mycenaean era, 14th Century B.C.E., and probably older. There are similar legends about the oracles of Dodona (Homer, Odyssey 14:326-7, Iliad 16:127; Herodotus 2:54-58) and Cumaea. Ancient kings consulted the earliest Pythic Oracle; so too did ordinary people. An “inquirer” would speak directly to a priestess who would deliver her answer face to face. A …

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• Ash from the Toba volcano some 74,000 years ago wiped out most humans. There were only a few hundred of us. Around 12,000 years ago we reached 10 million. There are 6.6 billion of us today, and we are headed for 9.0 billion by 2050. Is there some great work that humans are called to do that can only be accomplished by 9.0 billion people instead of by some lesser number? • There is a second population explosion – of farm animals. There are 15 billion factory farm animals. Half the land surface of the earth is taken up …

Chapter 25 – Index

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Index A Aaron 187 activism violence, direct action 296 Acts Peter and Paul presented as partners 107 addiction to foods 315 adoption 201 adoptionism 195, 196 Africa 32 Agapé 174, 203 agnostic idealist 400 agriculture animal husbandry 36, 47 Central America 37 changed after patriarchal invasions 45 grain 36 North America 37 rise of 34 South America 37 tree farming came first 34 Alexander 48 Alzheimer’s disease 280 American Dietetic Association takes Monsanto money 318 American Medical Association takes Monsanto money 318 amino acids 249 anemia 262 angina 272 animal-based foods large amounts tolerated occasionally 238 animal penitentiaries 287 animals …