Roundup Toxicity

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New Research Fuels Roundup Weedkiller Toxicity Concerns February 04, 2014 Thanks to Visit the Mercola Video Library By Dr. Mercola Last year, groundbreaking research was published suggesting that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup, might be “a crucially important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions.” If you missed it, please take the time to listen to Jeff Smith’s interview with the lead author of that research, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, reposted above. They spray nearly one BILLION pounds of Roundup  every year for conventional crop production, but genetically engineered (GE) crops see some of the … Read More

Chemical Lawns

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Posted in the Everett Herald on May 7, 2013 Putting in more effort is worth it A pesticide-free park or yard does take more work, but, it can be done, and you will like the results. (Sunday article, “Pesticide-free is not so easy.”) The easy way to kill dandelions is to chop them up in place. A shovel works better than a hoe in hard ground. Just make sure the root is cut in several places, and the plant will probably not come back. Also, the flowers of the true dandelion — which has only one flower per plant — … Read More

Organic Now Big Business

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July 7, 2012 Has ‘Organic’ Been Oversized? By STEPHANIE STROM ANN ARBOR, Mich. Michael J. Potter is one of the last little big men left in organic food. More than 40 years ago, Mr. Potter bought into a hippie cafe and “whole earth” grocery here that has since morphed into a major organic foods producer and wholesaler, Eden Foods. But one morning last May, he hopped on his motorcycle and took off across the Plains to challenge what organic food — or as he might have it, so-called organic food — has become since his tie-dye days in the Haight … Read More

Monsanto Contaminating World Agriculture

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(NaturalNews) My expose last week, The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto: What Now? (…) has ignited a long-overdue debate on how to stop Monsanto’s earth killing, market-monopolizing, climate-destabilizing rampage. Should we basically resign ourselves to the fact that the Biotech Bully of St. Louis controls the dynamics of the marketplace and public policy? Should we seek some kind of practical compromise or “coexistence” between organics and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Should we focus our efforts on crop pollution compensation and “controlled deregulation” of genetically engineered (GE) crops, rather than campaign for an outright ban, or mandatory labeling and safety-testing? Should … Read More