Acne  –  Milk and Acne

Alternative Medical Therapies

Herod – Herod and the slaughter of the innocents. Deconstructing Herod the Great


Vaccine Court cases


Is This Dish Vegetarian?

See: Livestock and Climate Change – World Watch, November-December 2009

About Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer

Some animals are more equal than others.

Smithfield hogs.

How Mortgage Modification Works

Add Liquidity to the Mortgage Economy. Make Loans Assumable

Save Fuel – Reduce Traffic Congestion. Improve the Environment

A Comprehensive Approach To Transit, Transportation and Land Use

Seattle Buses are Overflowing: But there is a Solution
Put the Viaduct and I-5 Together In A Tunnel Under Downtown Seattle

Law Review Article on Water Fluoridation

Oppose Water Fluoridation – Write the Governor

Deal Threatens to Sue his Home State of Arkansas over Fluoridation

Seattle Water Not Safe or Healthy. Seattle P-I Article by JRD

Tobacco Science, DDT Science, Tetraethyl Lead Science, Asbestos Science, Fluoride Science. All Fraudulent Sciences

Famous Dentist-Scholar Speaks Out on Fluoridation

Medical Doctor in Tennessee Legislature Calls for Halt in Water Fluoridation

Toxicologists Warns Against Water Fluoridation

Fluoride is Very Bad for Babies. Do Not Use Tap Water to Mix With Formula

2,500 Professionals Have Signed Statement Opposing Fluoridation

Amalgam Teeth. Get the Mercury Out

The Real Food Channel

Earthlings. The Movie

The Face On Your Plate. Jeff Masson Discusses His Book

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