I thought about majoring in music in college. I performed frequently back then. I had around 30 songs memorized for piano, pieces I could play well. You really cannot throw yourself into a song and play it best unless you have it memorized.

And I knew a lot of songs for guitar. I still play, but my repertoire has decreased.

I have recorded some of my veg-arian music. There are a lot of bobbles, but I mostly hold the songs together. I promise I will re-record these soon. I have set up my own home music studio complete with ProTools, Sibelius, guitars, keyboards, and flute.

One of my many occupations, and one I enjoy probably the most, is teaching music lessons – for schools, for churches, and sometimes for private groups. It is partly lessons and partly a performance.

While we are talking about music, if you have not signed up for, do it. It’s free, and it is a way to get a musical education. If you wonder what a band sounds like, go to

Follow an important discussion regarding music and copyright law.

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