James Robert Deal - 1995

I earn a living working as an attorney. It was environmental law that drew me to go to law school. In the broadest sense, environmental law and ethics is what this book is about.

As an environmental attorney, I do my best to foment a legal challenge against water fluoridation. No one else has volunteered for this role, so I do my best to fill it. I am the president and of Fluoride Class Action. I am vice-president of Washington Action for Safe Water.

If some community group wants to hire me to proceed against their water district, I’m available.

I feel strongly that our transit and transportation policies are ineffectual and irrational. We take a piecemeal approach. I suggest we take a comprehensive approach.

I also did consumer cases when I was starting out, car cases under the Lemon Law. My consumer law these days is helping people who are stuck in bad mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, negative amortization mortgages, and high interest rate mortgages. It is called mortgage modification.

I write wrap-around transactions, helping people to buy property without getting a new loan, that is by assuming or wrapping around the seller’s loan.

I am also a commercial mortgage broker, helping people to refinance and purchase commercial property. I do not do residential loans.

But I am proudest of my book – What to Serve a Goddess When She Comes for Dinner – A Theology of  Food. I am available to do workshops about eating a green diet and the ethical and environmental implications thereof.

I am semi-retired as an attorney. I focus much of my efforts on my public speaking. I like to do fundraisers and keynote speeches for schools, colleges, churches, and other non-profit organizations.

Click on the link to buy my book through PayPal. If you buy it through me, I will autograph it as you request. You can also order a copy of the book on CD along with the book. The good thing about the CD is that you can use it to do searches.