Arsenic in Your Rice

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There’s arsenic in your rice — and here’s how it got there By Twilight Greenaway  Thanks to Photo by Shutterstock.   Thanks to www.Grist.orgRice. It’s just one of the basics, right? Whether eaten on its own, or in products like pastas or cereal, this inexpensive and healthy food is a staple for Asian and Latino communities, as well as the growing number of people looking to avoid gluten.Here’s the bad news (cue Debbie Downer sound effect): The food most of us think we have more or less locked down is shockingly high in arsenic. And arsenic, especially the inorganic form … Read More

Arsenic in Chickens and Rice

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Waiter, There’s Arsenic in My Rice —By Tom Philpott  Thanks to Mother Jones | Wed Sep. 19, 2012 3:00 AM PDT 33 So simple, and yet so complicated Tamaki/Flickr As I’ve reported before, the US poultry industry has a disturbing habit of feeding arsenic to chickens. Arsenic, it turns out, helps control a common bug that infects chicken meat, and also gives chicken flesh a pink hue, which the industry thinks consumers want. Is all that arsenic making it into our food supply? It appears to be doing so—both in chicken meat and in, of all things, rice. In a … Read More

FDA admits arsenic fed to chickens

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FDA admits supermarket chickens test positive for arsenic by Tom Laskawy 8 Jun 2011 5:08 PM Why is Big Ag playing chicken with our health?Back in March, Tom Philpott wrote about the “insane” practice of feeding factory-farmed chickens arsenic: The idea is that it makes them grow faster — fast growth being the supreme goal of factory animal farming — and helps control a common intestinal disease called coccidiosis.The industry emphasizes that the arsenic is applied in organic form, which isn’t immediately toxic. “Organic” in the chemistry sense, that is, not the agricultural sense — i.e., molecules containing carbon atoms as … Read More