I am not opposed to vaccination in theory. Smallpox vaccination helped eradicate smallpox.

Hear this discussion on vaccines.

Giving newborn babies the hepatitis B vaccine is truly bizzare, as it is a disease spread typically through sharing needles to mainline illegal drugs.

I question is giving immunity from liability to the vaccine manufacturers. This immunity has made them reckless.

Manufacturers do not have to run the same extensive studies they do for other drugs – because their liability is limited through a no-fault insurance and compensation system.

There are children who have reactions to vaccines, and if they are, they cannot in most cases sue in regular courts. They must file a claim with the Vaccine Court, which has paid out some $2 billion during its existence.

But the Vaccine Court does not fairly compensate those harmed. There is no jury. Those who receive compensation must often agree to keep silent about the settlement. Appeal to regular courts is difficult and rare.

We are giving children 45 vaccinations before they go to school. My concern is about too many insufficiently tested vaccines too soon, before the child immune system is developed.

Like fluoridation, vaccination has become an industry which has developed a large cash flow and large profits. Once that happens our regulatory agencies receive pressure to accommodate such profitable schemes.

Read what Dr. Blaylock has to say about vaccines and fluoridation:


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