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You will learn a hundred things you did not know.

It will teach you the interesting history of food, how to make food tasty, how to grow your own food, even if you live in an apartment. It includes 50 pages of recipies.


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To Sum It Up – A Quick Overview

The world amazes me. It fabulously beautiful and at the same time hideously ugly. Humans are sometimes noble and sometimes not noble. Like the lemmings we are rushing towards a population bubble. Some resource is going to run out, or sea levels will rise and populations will starve and migrate en masse. We are going to face a crisis like none we have faced in the past. Since I fell to earth, its population has tripled, and before I die it may have quadrupled.

To put this all into perspective, we should go as far back into history and look at how at a rate that increases geometrically, we are ruining our planet.

Around 4300 BCE the Indo-European speaking Aryans invaded Europe. They overwhelmed the prior peaceful matristic civilization. The Aryans subjugated women and children. They introduced slavery. They brought their worshiped an all male god which gloried in war. They came west because they had exhausted grazing lands in Asia, and Europe was well watered. They introduced large-scale cattle, sheep, and horse herding, something Europe had not known before the Aryan invasion. They enslaved the people of Old Europe, usually after killing all the males. Various tribes of invaders warred continuously with each other, and they continue to do so today. And their diet was different. The people of Old Europe had eaten a mostly vegetable diet. They had animals, but they did not do large scale herding. The Aryan invaders herded on a large scale. They introduced a meat heavy diet, and we have never stopped eating that diet.

We are only gradually recovering from the damage the Aryans did. We have stopped treating children as objects: Parents formerly could abandon their children or rent them out for labor income or sell them to slave mongers. We have stopped treating women as inferior: Women formerly could not vote or own property or divorce an unkind husband. Slavery morally compromised civilization for some 6,000 years: Only in the last 150 years have we have stopped enslaving blacks and others. The current project is to give gays and lesbians the rights they deserve.

But we forget about the animals. No one would allow his dog or cat to be treated the way cows, pigs, and chickens are treated in factory farms. Because animals cannot speak a human language, are they then not entitled at least to some level of ethical treatment? There seems to be two completely different versions of reality.

I am a deeply religious person, although my religion focuses on right behavior instead of on right belief. My view is that god cares less what we believe than how we behave. Although I am religious, I am not a fundamentalist. I am a critical theologian. I am open to all ethical theories and at the same time equally skeptical of all. In my book I openly question my own theories.

In this book I focus on the historyethics, philosophy, and theology of diet. Is there an ethical diet, one that is good for the environment, for the animals, and for out health? One which would even help us slow our runaway population explosion?

If god is paying attention to what we do down here, what does god – or the goddess – take offense at the way we mistreat the environment, the animals, and our own health – as a result of our bad diet?

Voltaire said, “Earth is an insane asylum to which the other planets deport their lunatics.” Sometimes I wonder – on a poetic level – if this is not Earth I live in but Purgatory.

In my book I cover the emphasis in Jewish tradition on not abusing animals. I will reveal conclusive evidence that Jesus along with those who preceded and followed him in his tradition ate a green diet.

Some are less interested in the effect our diet has on the environment and the animals and more interested in their own health. This is the first reason why most people give up eating a fatty diet. Their health begins to fail and they get a wake up call.

If you ate the vegan diet I eat, you would start feeling better right away. You would have more energy right away. Your blood pressure and cholesterol would start dropping right away. And you would probably live longer and  have a higher quality of life in your old age

Please ask me if I really enjoy eating a green diet. Truthfully, I get great satisfaction from the vegan diet I eat. I do not miss meat, milk, or eggs at all. I eat a lot and I enjoy my food a lot.

In my book I teach you how to grow your own organic green stuff, even through the winter in most parts of the country.

I will teach you cooking techniques. Cooking this way is so simple that previously helpless husbands and boys will be cooking for themselves.

I will teach you how to make the transition from a fatty diet to a slim, low blood pressure diet. I will give you scores of recipes that are very easy to cook. If you by my book, I will include scores of additional recipes, some of the best my wife and I have created.

Read excerpts from the book.

Read the recipes and learn how to cook food which strengthens you, helps you avoid cancer, supplies the nutrients you really need, helps you control your weight, is tasty and satisfying, and which is gotten in an ethical and environmentally valid way. Learn how to grow your own food.

You can read a good sample of the contents online. If you would like to have a hard copy to read the whole thing, click here.

Remember, if you buy through me instead of through Amazon, you get our recipe supplement, which includes some of our most delicious recipes.


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Chapter 1 – Overture

VISITATION UNDER THE ARBOR HOW THIS BOOK BEGAN 1 OVERTURE VISITATION UNDER THE ARBOR? HOW THIS BOOK BEGAN It was a perfect summer evening in Seattle. There was a full moon. That was the pretext for inviting friends over for dinner. We ate on the back deck, under the grape arbor. We looked at the moon, low in the southeast, a few clouds slowly passing in front of it. “That is really a big moon!” we kept saying. As host ...
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WHY A THEOLOGY OF FOOD? What is theology and how does theology relate to food? Generally theology includes the search for answers to such difficult questions as: What will happen to us when we die? Will there will be rewards and punishments? Does god exist? What is the nature of god? How should we worship god? I am not particularly interested in any of the above aspects of theology. They are completely speculative. There is no way for us to ...
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Chapter 3 – Dedication

DEDICATION 1 This book is dedicated to the wife whose husband has always been a good date, and who is probably going to break his date with her by dying too soon. To the husband, who is going to break her heart, by breaking his heart. DEAR WIFE WITH SOON-TO-BE BROKEN HEART, He’s a traditional male, helpless in the kitchen and too stodgy to learn to cook for himself. So his diet is in your hands, and thus you are ...
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Chapter 4 – Diet: The Relevance of the Past to the Present

WHY STUDY THE HISTORY OF FOOD? When it comes to eating the contemporary, animal-based, high-fat diet, many people tell me: “That was the way our human and prehuman ancestors ate.” “That was the way people of our tradition or religion ate.” “Our religion explicitly endorses using animals for food.” “The Jews always sacrificed animal and ate them.” “Jesus fed the 5,000 with five loaves and two fishes.” “The Buddha allowed the eating of meat if the animal was not killed ...
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Chapter 5 – Loss of Eden – This Era of Continuous Warfare

OLD EUROPE, BEFORE 4300 B.C.E., A PARADIGM OF PARTNERSHIP In Old Europe there were towns of up to 10,000 people. There were paved streets, small, two-story temples, and five-room homes with plaster floors and walls. There were beautiful frescos on the walls, vases and sculpture, shops where jewelry was produced and sold. Some homes were somewhat larger than others, but the larger homes were not set apart from the others. Towns had no palaces. This all would indicate there was ...
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Chapter 6 – Judaism and the History of Food

MINING THE LEGENDS OF GENESIS The stories of Genesis are symbolic and allegorical. For one who is not afraid to interpret them in a non-literal way, there is much history to be found there. Scholars such as J.J. Bachofen and A.M. Hocart believed in the “historicity of myth.” (J.J. Bachofen, Myth, Religion, and Mother Right; p. 75.) Greek historians such as Herodotus and Strabo acknowledged the ancient Greek stories to be mere legends and distilled history out of them. Those ...
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Chapter 7 – Greek Legend & Link to Golden Era

THE DELPHIC ORACLE Delphi lies to the north and west of the Corinthian Isthmus of Greece. The Oracle of Delphi, originally the Oracle of Pythia, is at least as old as the Mycenaean era, 14th Century B.C.E., and probably older. There are similar legends about the oracles of Dodona (Homer, Odyssey 14:326-7, Iliad 16:127; Herodotus 2:54-58) and Cumaea. Ancient kings consulted the earliest Pythic Oracle; so too did ordinary people. An “inquirer” would speak directly to a priestess who would ...
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Chapter 8 – The Vegetarian Theme in Christian Tradition

MISASSUMPTIONS ABOUT JESUS AND CHRISTIANITY Most Christians assume that Jesus ate fish and Passover lamb and therefore could not have been a vegetarian. Most feel that their religion does not place any limits on what animals they may kill and eat. Most believe that the Christianity of today is the same as  the religion of Jesus’ original followers. Most assume that Jesus was a fundamentalist. I challenge all these assumptions. OVERVIEW: THE CONNECTION BETWEEN JESUS AND MY THEME My thesis ...
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Chapter 9 – Cowboy Culture Conquers the Entire World

CROSSING OCEANS Tribes descended from the patriarchal invaders declared holy Crusades in which they tortured and killed heretics, Jews, Moslems, and supposed witches—some of them surviving priestesses of the old goddess religion, some of them just unfortunate women falsely accused. Viking descendants of the patriarchal invaders conquered Normandy, and then Norman Vikings conquered England. English royalty is descended from Viking thugs. Most of Europe, Asia, and Africa, fell under the sway of constantly warring patriarchs, all the intellectual descendants of ...
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Chapter 10 – The Environment and a Plant-Based Diet

Our impact on the physical environment is enormous. Of course, much of the problem results from burning fossil fuels, contamination of the environment with pesticides and other chemicals, our exploding population and the concomitant usurping of land from wild animals and plants. However, a significant part of our impact on the physical environment is a result of the foods we eat and how we produce them. In a nutshell, the connections between our diet and the physical environment are as ...
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Chapter 11 – The Economy and a Plant-Based Diet

Meat, eggs, and dairy products make for bad macroeconomics and bad microeconomics. They are bad for the world economy, the national economy, and the family budget. Animal foods are more expensive than plant-based foods. A family can easily cut its food bill by eating a plant-based diet. The cheapest and healthiest diet would include sprouted and/or cooked grains plus sprouted and/or cooked legumes, raw and lightly cooked backyard greens, nuts, fruit, flax seed, and wild greens such as dandelion flowers ...
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Chapter 12 – Population Explosion And Eating A Green Diet

WHY DO WE HAVE A POPULATION EXPLOSION? Our species has been on the verge of extinction many times. The latest low point came with the explosion of the volcano known as Toba in Sumatra around 74,000 years ago. Ash was dumped on much of the world, and huge amounts of sulphur dioxide were released into the atmosphere. The climate grew cold and dark. The human population was reduced from an unknown level, probably in the millions, to a few hundred ...
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See chapter 13 of this book, A Plant-Based Diet - Health Considerations ...
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Chapter 14 – The Ethics of Diet

THE MYTH OF THE WHOLESOME BARNYARD Seattle resident David Coats points out in his book (Old MacDonald’s Factory Farm) that our image of animals living a happy existence in the barnyard is a myth of the past. The barnyard was phased out after World War II, and the factory farming system has replaced it almost entirely. Today the vast majority of dairy cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys spend their entire lives in windowless buildings where animals are crammed together, usually ...
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Chapter 15 – Could I Somehow be Wrong about All of This

ABOUT ALL OF THIS? THE VEGETARIAN DEBUNKERS The debunkers come in two classes. First, there are the public relations people for the beef, chicken, egg, and milk industries. They are thoroughly unconvincing. (www.whymilk.com, www.meatingplace.com, www.beefnutrition.com, www.beefboard.org, www.porkboard.org, www.aeb.org.) Then there are the academic debunkers, who merit more serious consideration. There is no indication that they are being paid by producers of animal products to say what they say. Some of them are former vegans, even former fruitarians. Some are hyphenated ...
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Chapter 16 – Two Versions of Reality

I read a lot of newspapers and news magazines. However, I always read them critically. I consider myself something of a media analyst. I was a member of the respected Seattle Central America Media Project back during the Sandinista-Contra War in the 1980s. I made five trips to Central America and spent a total of six months there. I joined because of the extreme contradictions I saw between reports in the orthodox US media on the one hand and reports ...
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Chapter 17 – The Vocabulary of Diet

VEGETARIANS OF OLD The term “vegetarian” is one that arose in the 1800s, and its exact definition is still not settled. The ancient vegetarians obviously did not refer to themselves as “vegetarians.” They described themselves as “not eating flesh food” and as “Pythagoreans.” The Roman historian Ovid (43 B.C.-17 A.D.) wrote about Pythagoras (569-470 B.C.), noted physician, musician, mathematician, humanitarian, philosopher, and vegetarian. Pythagoras opposed eating all flesh food, including fish. However, according to Ovid, who lived 500 years later, ...
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Chapter 18 – Organic Gardening

GROW YOUR OWN ORGANIC VEGETABLES Organic gardening is nothing new. It is the way people grew crops for thousands of years—until the 1940s when organochlorine pesticides and artificial N-P-K fertilizers were introduced. Don’t believe the propaganda of the petrochemical companies. No pesticides are necessary. Since World War II, we have been adding poisons to our plants, and what have we accomplished? “Losses to pests ran at 6% of crops when we began to use [pesticides]. Today, pests eat 13% of ...
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Chapter 19 – Making the Transition

THE INITIAL HURDLES Some people who become vegetarians claim they never felt better and would never go back. Others try to become vegetarian but give up, complaining that they don’t feel good in some way or that they feel the need for meat. However, … the neophyte’s nausea does not come directly from vegetarianism or from fasting. Rather, nausea comes from cleansing; it is the cleansing that comes directly from vegetarianism or from fasting. Those who complain of tiredness and ...
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Chapter 20 – Healthy Cooking Techniques

Let’s say you’re convinced. You’d like to make a change. Where do you start? How do you cook this healthy food I’m talking about? Keep reading, and I’ll tell you step-by-step. LIQUIDS, JUICE AND TEA When we wake up, we are thirsty. Drink a glass of water. Exercise and drink more water or tea. If you drink coffee, drink water first. I speculate that the craving some people have for coffee is really a craving for water. If you drink ...
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Chapter 21 – Goddess Recipes

BREAKFAST FOOD LIQUIDS, JUICE AND TEA Drink a lot of liquids when you first wake up. See the section in the previous chapter entitled Liquids, Juice and Tea, p. 349. FRUIT, JUICE, SMOOTHIES, NUTS These can make a quick, healthy, and tasty breakfast. See the section in the previous chapter entitled Fruit, Juice, and Smoothies, p. 351. According to food combining theory, nuts go with fruit. NUTS AND FLAX OIL ON RICE WITH GREENS By midday, you will be ready ...
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Chapter 22 – Final Speculations

SPECULATION ABOUT AN UNCONSCIOUS CONNECTION In this chapter I will pick up the thread I left behind at the end of Chapter 14, The Ethics of Diet. Some of you will already think I have gone off the deep end. Now I am going to venture even further. If you rate low on the spirituality scale, skip this section. For some, having too much compassion is a flaw, even a form of mental illness, or at minimum a distraction from ...
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Chapter 23 – Vegetablearian Songs

WE JUST NEVER UNDERSTOOD Sung in the style of a negro spiritual Chorus in minor: Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord Lord, Lord, Lord Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, We just never understood. Minor: Someday the Lord will come. That’s what the good book have said. He be punishin’ the wicked, And rewardin’ the good. And most of those remaining Will be wishing they was dead. They’ll be singing, Lord, Lord, Lord, “We just never understood.” Chorus in major: Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord ...
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Chapter 24 – Bibliography

VEGETARIAN COOKBOOKS Rachel Albert, Cooking With Rachel, Creative Vegetarian and Macrobiotic Cuisine, Oroville, CA: George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, 1989, ISBN 0-918860-49-0 (strictly vegetarian). American Vegan Society, The Vegan Kitchen, 501 Old Harding Hwy., Malaga, NJ 08328 (strictly vegetarian). Rynn Berry, Famous Vegetarians and their Favorite Recipes, New York; Pythagorean Publishers, 1993, ISBN 0-9626169-1-5, (strictly vegetarian). Bette Hagman, Gluten-Free Gourmet, 1990, and More From the Gluten-Free Gourmet, 1993, Henry Holt and Company, New York (lacto-ovo vegetarian). Jeanne Marie Martin, Hearty Vegetarian ...
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Chapter 25 – Index

A Aaron 187 activism violence, direct action 296 Acts Peter and Paul presented as partners 107 addiction to foods 315 adoption 201 adoptionism 195, 196 Africa 32 Agapé 174, 203 agnostic idealist 400 agriculture animal husbandry 36, 47 Central America 37 changed after patriarchal invasions 45 grain 36 North America 37 rise of 34 South America 37 tree farming came first 34 Alexander 48 Alzheimer’s disease 280 American Dietetic Association takes Monsanto money 318 American Medical Association takes Monsanto money ...
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