Bill Gates’ Vaccines

June 18, 2011

Dear Friends,

Bill Gates and his ally the WHO have declared 2011-20 to be a “decade of vaccines”. Very recently he has persuaded a few world leaders to donate $ 2 billion to his charity towards vaccination of Asian and African children. More countries are expected to follow suit. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has earmarked $ 2.3 billion for this activity. This brouhaha over vaccines does not bore well for the malnourished children of Asia and Africa who will be harmed in large numbers unable to bear this antigen overload.

These funds come out of taxpayers money and in each of the countries activists are up in arms because they have huge health expenses which the governments are not able to foot. They allege that it is the strong pharmaceutical lobby that is behind such charity. People who know the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) also know that the Foundation has invested handsomely in shares of pharmaceutical companies. It is also hiring people from the industry to head its vaccine charity. Bill Gates, as we know, is a very shrewd businessman and he knows how to eat his cake and keep it too.

How will it affect the beneficiary countries economically? While these countries will be given free or heavily subsidized vaccines initially, they will be expected to foot the bill when the Foundation withdraws its charity. Economies will break under this strain. Development funds earmarked for genuine health care like improved nutrition, sanitation and clean water will instead have to be diverted to the activity of vaccination. Who gains from such a transaction? Obviously the pharmaceutical industry and its shareholders like the BMGF which will multiply its assets in the name of charity.

Some will point out that the industry has reduced the prices of vaccines to be given to the developing world. But this will not affect the industry at all. In their own country, the USA, the vaccine manufacturers have to pay a tax of 60% of the price of each vaccine that goes to a national vaccine injury compensation fund. They don’t have to pay such a tax on their exports. So the price of the vaccine being reduced does not hurt them in any way!

Moreover they are reducing prices expecting their vaccines to find a place in the various government led universal vaccination schemes.Once this goal is achieved the huge turnover will benefit them immensely. The initial reduction in prices does not mean that they cannot raise the prices once their objective is achieved leading to entire governments being at the mercy of these profiteers.

So buyers beware! The new Rotavirus Vaccine and the Pentavalent vaccine that Bill Gates is now busy marketing comes with known adverse effects. While the Rotavirus is associated with intestinal blockage, the Pentavalent has caused deaths in whichever country it has been introduced. Including these vaccines in government vaccination programs is fraught with grave dangers particularly as adverse affects and also deaths due to vaccines are routinely termed as “coincidental” in these countries and the victims are denied any benefits.

Had Bill Gates invested his money to pay damages to and rehabilitate the vaccine injured children in developing countries that would have been real charity. He could have also supported scientific research as to why 1 in 6 children today suffer from various development disorders, 54% suffer serious chronic disorders and 45% of children and youth aged 10 to 24 suffer neuro-psychiatric disorders, as revealed in the recent issue of Lancet. All is certainly not hunky-dory with the highly controversial intervention called vaccination.

The emperor has no clothes. But sadly there is no one to point it out.



Jagannath Chatterjee


  1. Earl Lamudio July 2, 2013 at 8:30 am
    Rotavirus infection most commonly strikes during the winter months (December through May), but it occurs year round in developing countries. In the United States every year, rotavirus first appears in the Southwest and spreads to the Northeast. Almost every child 5 years and younger at some point will be infected with rotavirus in both developed countries and developing countries. -…’

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  2. Jim June 20, 2011 at 7:32 am
    The 70′s were the decade of water for the UN health. They drilled over 2 million wells in third world countries never checking water quality for contaminates. They also paid by the meter to drillers so they often drilled far deeper then required. Often three times deeper with very old water long leaching fluoride and arsenic from the granite rock. This toxic cocktail destroyed whole villages in countries where tens of millions were already toxic from arsenic and fluoride.

    Some wells were closed years later but this is still a major issue especially in India where it is epidemic with government doing very little to fix the toxic water. Often a gift of the UN in their short sited desire to do good.

    Fluoridation was a fraud by industry from the beginning and ingested benefit never existed except in faked data by industry then government. The CDC has 15,000 employees, the oral health division has 28 fluoride promoting dentists but not one toxicologist. This is a fraud protected by those paid to serve.

    Florida has Michael Easley DDS in their Oral health division. He was quoted in California in 2009 commenting on those citizens not wanting fluoridation. “nobody drags anyone to a water faucet and makes them drink. Dig a well. Move out of the country.” Total contempt for those he is paid to serve. Total contempt for informed consent for citizens he is paid to serve.

    I asked for his dismissal if he was quoted correctly. They never denied the quote but said it was taken out of context. I then asked what context it would be proper in for a public servant. They defended him. I had gotten to debate Easley in 2007 outside the commission chambers in Daytona Beach with a reporter present. At least he reads the data but is more dishonest and just attacks every statement. I actually read the data and am used to this bush league government and dentist behavior.

    The Atlanta civil rights group with Andrew Young is a step in the right direction to have Fluoridaegate investigations on harm.