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Do Not Get Vaccinated Against Pertussis

Who should get vaccinated for whooping cough? [Paul Ramirez]
Paul Ramirez, Research Analyst 30 years with an IQ of 160, InFj MBTI.

DTAP is considered a very dangerous vaccine by a great many people. Its contains aluminum adjuvant which is linked as a known cause of autism. More people cite DTAP as the vaccine that triggered autism then even do the MMR.

What more is the whooping cough or pertussis vaccine does not grant any immunity from pertussis. It merely masks the symptoms. i.e. you are still susceptible to whooping cough but do not show symptoms. You can all shed live attenuated vaccines. Which means you can actually endanger others, unlike unvaccinated children, which can spread what they have not been exposed to.

Its actually even worse. Those who take the whooping cough vaccine are asymptomatic carriers. They can have caught whooping cough and not show symptoms and spread it to others without even knowing it. That is real not perceived danger, such as ascribed to the unvaccinated.

The unvaccinated that get whooping cough actually show symptoms and know better to be around others, as well as others can obviously see to keep their distance from someone coughing. You get no such warning from those vaccinated for whooping cough. They as asymptomatic carriers can fully spread it and not show symptoms, which is wrongly considered a benefit. Benefit to whom, not society at large as implied by those who profit from vaccines.

Look at the school outbreaks with whooping cough. It was the fully vaccinated that came down With it. Yet the unvaccinated did not in California.

You would be better of with high doses of vitamin D, the cough will soon subside. You will be safe as well as society.

DTP vaccine in other nations increases risk of mortality by 5x or greater. 31 views * View Upvoters

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