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March 21, 2010

Ryan Blethen, Editorial Page Editor
Seattle Times
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To The Editor,

Your article asking “Is Raw Milk Safe?” (March 21, 2010) missed the forest for the trees.

Cow’s milk—pasteurized or not—is unhealthy. It contains too much phosphorus and sodium for humans. Conversely it contains too little iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids.

Cows milk does contain calcium, but it is only 25% absorbable. Get your calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium the way cows get them, by eating greens. Eat flax to get your essential fatty acids.

Why then is cow’s milk good for calves? Because calves also eat grass, which is high in all the nutrients milk is low in.

Drinking cow’s milk adds to our protein overload, harmful to kidneys. Osteoporosis results not from under-consumption of calcium but from over-consumption of protein.

Homogenized milk is whipped until fat is mixed evenly in small fat balls, which contain small protein fragments. These fat balls spiced with protein fragments can pass through the linking of the stomach and go directly into the blood stream, causing immune reactions such as allergies, ear infections, and arthritis.

Flash pasteurization for 15 seconds at 161º F. reduces but does not kill all pathogens. Micobacterium paratuberculosis survives. It is the cause of Johne’s disease in cattle and likely cause of Crohn’s disease in humans. Crohn’s disease occurs only in the milk drinking countries, except in India where milk is boiled.

Milk is an exceedingly cruel food. For a cow to continue to lactate she must bear a calf each year. Most calves go into the veal crates where they spend three months of absolute mysery.

Only humans continue to drink milk after weaning, and only humans drink the milk of another species. We continue this bad habit because cow’s milk is heavily marketed, and it is heavily marketed because it is a way to turn grass into money.

The amount of milk one should drink—raw or pasteurized—is zero.

Study the www.NotMilk.com website if you want more information on this subject.


James Robert Deal