New Real Fresh Milk Marketing Venture–On the Front in the Raw Milk Wars


Dear Natural Food and Health,

Raw milk is certainly better than commercial processed milk, which is unhealthy for umpteen reasons.

I support the right of people to buy, sell, and consume raw milk.

In the case of raw milk, if the cows are healthy, maybe the milk is not harmful. On the other hand, can you be confident in our polluted world that any pasture is clean or any cow is free from infection?

The people of India drank buffalo milk. However, they boiled it first. The issue of boiling raw milk before using it as food should be part of this debate.

Also I question the general enthusiasm for drinking milk of any kind – other than mother’s milk. Animal milks are species specific. Why would we presume that cow’s milk, goat’s milk, mare’s milk, camel’s milk is appropriate for humans?

Cow’s milk is high in protein – we eat too much protein anyway.


Cow’s milk is high in phosphorus, which we do not need more of.

It is high in calcium phosphate, a calcium type that is only partially absorbed.

It is low in essential fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, and iron? Why? Because calves eat grass, and grass is rich in essential fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

Even raw milk contains a growth factor that just by coincidence is exactly the same as human growth factor. We do not need more growth hormone; it promotes cancer. Does this growth factor get completely digested in the stomach?

Milk tastes great. But it does not provide us with anything we need nutritionally other than lots of protein and calories.

Also I would like to know more about how these organic raw milk cows are treated? Are they kept constantly pregnant? Are their calves taken away a few days after birth? Are the calves sent to the veal crates like their commercial cousins?

Please straighten me out if I am wrong.