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My 12 year old wants to become a vegetarian. How can I support her but ensure she is getting proper nutrition?

My response:

A vegan diet is better not worse for a 12 year old.

The only things to remember: Get B-12. Put the B-12 dots under your tongue once a week. Also buy nutritional yeast, which tastes very cheesy.   Most meat eaters are deficient in B-12.

Also, buy flax seeds and flax oil, or hemp oil. We all need Omega 3 oils. I eat flax seed like peanuts. You can put them in soup.   Most meat eaters do not get enough Omega 3.

An unhealthy person with failing organs might need DHA, only found in fish and algae (which is where the fish get it).  www.nutru.com. A healthy person can convert omega 3 to DHA.

Sprouting is good. Sprouted wheat, lentils, mung beans.

And eat lots of greens. Plant a garden and grow greens.

Quit all milk products. ALL. www.notmilk.com. Milk is a lie.

And buy my book: www.WhatToServeAGoddess.com. Very good recipes and techniques.

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