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Snohomish PUD – Smart Meters – 5G Antennas

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April 7, 2020

Snohomish County PUD
Attention: Commissioners Rebecca Wolfe, Sidney Logan, Tanya Olson
2320 California Street
Everett WA 98201
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Dear PUD Commissioners and other PUD professionals,

Seattle Utilities passed a $100 million bond issue to finance installation of smart meters and on top of that had to raise rates. Smart meters run constantly and therefore use more electricity. Smart meters broadcast 24/7, around 190,000 times daily, reporting on our every electrical behavior. They catch fire. They are not grounded. Their surge protection is weak to non-existent.

Smart meters are an overshoot, meaning that utilities that have installed them should go back to fireproof, grounded, surge protected, all metal analog meters until a wired analog meter alternative is developed.

I compliment the Commission on its avoidance of smart meters thus far.

The installation of 5G antennas is a related issue. Many cities have been granting Big Wireless space on poles for 5G antennas. I urge the PUD to avoid going down this road. 5G aims to make it possible to watch TV and movies on cell phones, which is completely unnecessary. People can go home and watch TV and movies on their TVs and wired computers.

Smart meters and 5G antennas are good for robots but not for humans, birds, and insects.

Policies adopted by reinsurer Lloyds of London mean that it impossible to buy a residential or business insurance policy that will cover all of the harms that wireless radiation can cause, specifically harms to health. If the PUD installs smart meters and allows the use of its facilities for 5G antennas, it will be doing so without coverage when people sue ten years from now for cancer.

Our current 3G and 4G technology along with our constant use of our cell phones is probably an overshoot in terms of health. If we are to use cell phones at all, there should research done on safer frequencies and lower power densities. For all of us, our cell phones should be in airplane mode most of the time, turned on occasionally to check for messages and voice mails and to make a quick phone call.

The World Health Organization has declared that wireless radiation is a carcinogen. Cell phones emit microwave radiation, and the effect is cumulative over time. Ted Kennedy and John McCain both contracted brain cancer directly under the area near the temple where they held their cell phones. Do not hold a cell phone against your ear like a land line telephone. Hold it away from your head and turn on the speaker. Or use an air tube headset.

Children have thinner skulls and are more sensitive to wireless radiation. I cringe when I see parents pacifying their infants by giving them cell phones or tablets to watch. A child should be allowed to play with a wireless device only if it is in airplane mode.

5G antennas are another overshoot. 5G operates at multiple frequencies, from 450 megahertz up to 52.6 gigahertz. A 5G antenna is actually a collection of many antennas operating a many frequencies. 5G antennas utilize beam forming, meaning the radiation emitted by the many antennas in a 5G tower and the many antennas in your 5G cell phone can be aimed right at each other, which is not so good if you are between the 5G antenna and your cell phone. 5G Wi-Fis and 5G cell phones also broadcast at multiple frequencies and do beam forming.

An absurd aspect of 5G antennas is that for them to work, the towers must be interconnected by fiber optic cable. It would make more sense instead to interconnect homes and businesses by fiber optic cable.

Cell phones should not be used for extended periods. The only apparent benefit of 5G is that it enables us to watch TV and movies on our cell phones. When people want to watch a movie they should watch it on a TV or a wired computer.

We have a Wi-Fi in our home, but it is almost never turned on. When I drive, my cell phone is always in airplane mode because cell phone and cell towers are constantly sending handshake broadcasts to each other as I drive from one cell tower area to another. In our home we forward our cell phones to our land line and then turn our cell phones off or put them in airplane mode.  

Another overshoot is the use of Wi-Fi in schools. School desks do not move around. Every school computer, including student laptops, could be connected by category 6 cable. Children should not be exposed to constant Wi-Fi radiation. All new Wi-Fis today are 5G capable. Most people do not know that the 5G Wi-Fi in a Comcast router is always turned on by default.

Homes are being built without category 6 cable jacks in all rooms. The presumption is that all TVs and computers will receive data through home Wi-Fi. We are being constantly irradiated in our homes.

New vehicles equipped with radar and lidar operating at up to 77 gigahertz and retina damaging LED headlights are another overshoot. We will be irradiated by the 10,000 cars we pass every hour as we drive on the freeway. Wear blue blocking sunglasses to protect your eyes. See: http://www.wi-cancer.info/wieyes.aspx

This brings me to the subject of municipal fiber optic. The PUD would be the best entity to interconnect the County with fiber optic. Frontier has installed some fiber to homes, but only in some neighborhoods. Fiber optic would be a magnet for high tech industries and a benefit to ordinary families. See: https://www.jamesrobertdeal.org/fiber-optic/.

I am alerting the Commission that Big Wireless will be approaching you to bribe to install smart meters and NOT to install municipal fiber. This is happening in Seattle, where Century Link and Comcast are donating heavily to the campaign of Jenny Durkan, an opponent of municipal fiber, against Cary Moon, a supporter of municipal fiber.

See this article:


Please set up guidelines that will disallow Commission members and potential members from accepting direct or indirect campaign contributions from Big Wireless.

Congress has passed laws requiring cities and counties to allow installation of 5G antennas. Such laws are unconstitutional and should be resisted in court.   

In conclusion, I would urge the PUD to consider carefully before installing smart meters and allowing 5G antennas on PUD poles and instead to install fiber optic throughout Snohomish County.

Read more at www.JamesRobertDeal.org/smart-meters.



James Robert Deal, Attorney
WSBA Number 8103