Removing Fluoride From Body

To Aliss:

Would taking calcium and magnesium supplements help rid the bones and calcium rich organs like the pineal of accumulated fluoride?

Is there any way to do hasten the process of elimination of fluoride from the body?


James Robert Deal


Hi James,

Three things seem to help almost everyone: calcium, C and K2.

The denser calcium supplements from plant and algae source (e.g. New Chapter line Bone Strength Take Care) appear to be the most bio-available supplements after calcium-rich leafy greens, seeds, old-fashioned bone soups, and unpasteurized milk (not in order of value). Calcium DOES offset fluoride toxicity and the clinical treatment for acute fluoride poisoning is
intravenous calcium gluconate. However, low blood levels of vitamin D will reduce the calcium absorption from the digestive tract. But fluoride poisoning inhibits the enzyme conversion of precursors under skin to D3 from sunlight, conversion of D3 to 25OH-D in kidney and liver tissues, and conversion of 25OH-D to 1,25OH-D in the cell margins. RDA is inadequate. I
have been taking 10,000 IU/day for the past few years with NO sign of any toxicity at all. I do this under supervision as individual response and need is variable.

Vitamin C supplementation helps kidneys excrete fluoride. A couple thousand mg per day, spread out in smaller doses (half-life in blood is short).

Vitamin K2 (as MK4 or MK7) supplements in high dose prevent calcification and can remove them from soft and connective tissue deposits. There are 45
milligram therapeutic doses available, I think from Life Extension Foundation.

Iodine supplementation has been useful for many of us, individual response may differ.